Demogorgon Addon

Ready to meet the very scary monster of the world of Minecraft? Then take courage and download the new mod Demogorgon, which will add to the game a very dangerous creature!

Demogorgon is a monster from a popular TV show that you can now meet in Minecraft Bedrock. This is an incredibly powerful mob, which has 80 hearts of health, its own animation and deals 10 damage per attack. It’s very difficult to attack this monster alone, so we advise you to gather your friends and make fun of this mob in the world of Minecraft Bedrock!

Added entity
Health: 80 hearts
Attack Damage: 8 points

Support version 1.10 and its new features!
Now the addon is no longer in experimental gameplay mode.
Demogorgon has improved animation
Demogorgon can eat any meat raw or boiled.
The Demogorgon model is slightly modified and improved.


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  1. the Demogorgon is invisble when i put the addon in my world pls fix it

  2. same problem as above, invisible on bedrock official dedicated server

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