Domestic Mobs Addon

Would you like to improve some of the mobs of the world of Minecraft? Mod Domestic Mobs affects some passive mobs, namely a pig, chicken and a cow, turning them into the best version of yourself in Minecraft Bedrok. In the wild, you can hardly meet them, since they have been completely modernized. A more detailed list of all the changes you can find below. Enjoy the gameplay in Minecraft Bedrock!
Domestic Mobs addon Screenshots:

now she is buffalo
behaves like a normal cow

now she is dodo
behaves like a normal chicken

and it is now a boar
behaves like a normal pig

Home cow
gives more skin and beef after death
22 species

Homemade chicken
gives more feathers after death
lay a 3d egg

Domestic pig
gives more pork
19 species


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