As you understand, the new Dragon Mounts  addon will add dragons to your game. But they will not appear so simply. First you will need a crafting egg. Then you will connect it to some block on the MCPE mainland. what a block and a dragon. With the same blocks you will then feed those little creatures that will hatch from the eggs.

Then they grow up. And they will need to ride. To do this, press the grown dragon with a block of its type, sit on it and control it. Addon Dragon Mounts for MCPE 0.15.1 / 0.15.0 / 0.14.3 is very easy to manage. Where your character will look, the dragon will fly there. So, if you need a similar character in the game, then this mod should be installed. Blocklauncher, which always participates in the process of addon installation, is useful for this. Well, in general, playing with this add-on is very simple.


  1. Sorry, but how do you connect the blocks with the dragon? I tried to figure it out using the pictures but it does not work. Please let me know. This looks like an awesome mod.

  2. This mod for some reason Refuses to work. I opened it with blocklauncher, the mod is in my resources, however, it will not activate even if the game says its an active pack. Im not very tech savvy and its very difficult to figure out why its not working. Help would be very appreciated!

  3. @PEN
    try enabling experimental gameplay


  5. Hi so I have a feeling it will work I have been trying hard for something like this please make it good before I get it!

  6. i love it sooo much

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