Dragonborn Addon

We offer you to add dragons to Minecraft on your tablet and enjoy the life of a dragonborn! With the Dragonborn mod, you will find a full-fledged implementation, from items and armor to mobs and dragon screams.

“Hey, are you awake?” – a phrase that makes the eye twitch for anyone who has started a new game in Skyrim more than 5 times. There will be no cart in Minecraft for Android, so don’t worry. But the author of the Dragonborn mod added a lot of interesting things for Minecraft PE.

For example, you can find the scream walls in the game and learn dragon magic. Yes, yes, Fus-ro-da in Minecraft Bedrok Edition will also be! Dremors, armor, dragons and magic are also included. With unique textures, by the way. We invite you to download the mod and enjoy it in full. Good luck!



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