Emerald Tools Addon

The Emerald Tools addon allows you to create all available tools and weapons from emeralds in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Modification, frankly, for tough guys in Minecraft BE. Agree, because sometimes it’s so fun to give some kind of village sandbox a precious pebble in the game for damn wheat?

Emerald Tools for Minecraft PE Screenshots:

Emerald Tools addon should be a long time in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Well, that is, emerald weapons and tools. But the developers missed something. All items from the mod do not replace anything in the MCBE. They have their own textures and patterns.


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    Thanakrit Muangsaisan September 24, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    This emerald mod is so FLIPPIN COOL

  2. Can’t get any emerald gear, even with both packs enabled.

  3. pls update it for version 1.14. It looks cool but needs to be updated.

  4. I was hoping for some gear too that disappointed me but its still cool.

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