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It often happens that playing in proud solitude is boring, and best friends do not always share your interests. In such situations, there is a way out. And do not immediately become discouraged. It is better to just download the mod Ender Archer Friend for Minecraft and use. This Minecraft Bedrock mod will replace skeletons with friendly archers with Fringe Wizard eyes, but very much like humans! Archers, like any pets, need to be tamed, and then they will be your personal bodyguards in the world of Minecraft Bedrock!

How it works?
Minecraft’s skeletons were replaced with friendly defenders from the World of Wanderers. You can tame such a bodyguard if you feed him bread (long press on him + press the Tame button).
Addon Ender Archer Friend Screenshots:

Every time you tame a bodyguard, he will put on a certain type of armor (perhaps you are lucky and the defender will not receive any armor).

Every tamed bodyguard will follow you everywhere and protect you with a bow and arrows. But the most interesting thing in the attack of these new defenders is the opportunity to teleport around the enemy, which is similar to the teleportation ability of the Wanderers of the Land!

If one of the mobs presented below is nearby, the bodyguard will saddle him and ride him.
Mushroom cow

Now you can even plant these mobs by feeding them apples. And in a few seconds a baby will appear!

Added compatibility with the latest versions.
Do not replace any mobs

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