Endermites Addon 

Unfortunately, Minecraft PE is still far from the computer version of the game, so various addons are being created to expand the functionality. For example, now, using Addon Endermites, you can turn ordinary silverfish into endermites.

That is, these creatures will become more dangerous and will be a danger to you.

How to use Addon Endermites
This addon can be very useful, because it also adds pearl edges. To get it, you need to find a few chickens and wait for them to demolish. This way you will get the pearl edge eggs. You can get them in another way, faster, but also dangerous – to kill the enderman.

Pearl Edge is used for a very useful purpose – to teleport. You need to pick up the pearls and throw it at the place where you need to move. Very convenient device. Be careful, because there is a possibility that an endermen may arise at the place of the fall of the pearls! If you are ready for such an improvement, then Addon Endermites is already ready for download!


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