Ethereal Ingots Addon

Each player is waiting for the moment when they finally add new materials to Minecraft Bedrock. But, unfortunately, Mojang is not going to do it yet. Therefore, we suggest using a cool addon and do it yourself!

Addon “Ethereal Ingots” will add to Minecraft a new material – Ethereal ingot. With it, cool and powerful weapons and powerful tools are made. But note that for his craft you need to be a true rich man, because, the ingots are made of diamond blocks.

Addon Features:
Each tool will serve you endlessly, because they do not break.

Ingots Craft:

Weapon crafting:
Knight’s etheric sword. Damage: 35

Ethereal blade of a thief. Damage: 25 pts.

Ethereal Spear of the Ocean. Damage: 30 units Increases swimming speed three times!

Ethereal ax of the beast. Damage: 40 units Slows down the movement.

Craft tools:
Ethereal Drill. Quickly digs blocks that are next to the player.

Ethereal Saw. Accelerates breaking wooden blocks.


Turn on the experimental game mode!


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