Fighting Armies Addon

The Fighting Armies addon makes Minecraft Bedrock Edition a lot livelier. In a recent update, robbers appeared who constantly attack villages. But even without them, the game is full of creatures that simply do nothing. For example, numerous monsters of the undead class. The Fighting Armies addon will push the undead and looters in the game with their foreheads.

Traveling around the world of MCPE, you can stumble upon the epic battles of these mobs and monsters. Due to the wide capabilities of the MCPE, all these creatures will look different each time. By the way, the Fighting Armies mod affects only the gameplay, it does not affect the textures. The mod works on any version of MCPE, starting from 1.11. To avoid glitches and bugs of Minecraft on Android, activate the experimental game mode. And don’t forget to share this wonderful mod with your friends in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!



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