Flatlands Survival Map

Map Flatlands Survival is an improved and slightly modified version of the heavenly islands for Minecraft for the smartphone. Try to survive in a limited world! In fact, survival on the Flatlands Survival map is not so simple. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition you will have a limited space with a radius of 128 blocks, as well as a limited supply of resources that have yet to be found in the game.


Flatlands Survival Map Flatlands Survival Map Flatlands Survival Map

Your task is to survive, oddly enough. In Minecraft on Android, think twice before you spend or use something, finding this resource again can be very difficult! Dig deep into it, where the author hid caves, ores, tunnels and even the final portal for MCPE! This map was created without additional mods, but in the end it turned out to be a masterpiece. Difficult, and therefore more interesting! I agree? Then I advise you to download the map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and start the test!


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