Food! Addon

Would you like to add new foods to Minecraft? We are glad to please you with a new addition, adding 47 different products to the game at once, which are suitable only for decorating your table in the Minecraft Bedrock world! You will be able to use these new items in the banquet halls, on the dining tables and so on. True, because food always looks attractive? This addon will even add Japanese cuisine to Minecraft Bedrock, so lovers of sushi and rolls will definitely be happy!

From desserts to the game you can see:
Chocolate cake
Gingerbread house
Jelly (green and red)
Citrus Cake
Cherry pie
Layered cake
Ice cream
And so on!

From the Japanese menu you are waiting for:
Sake maki (roll with salmon)
Ebi nigiri (sushi with shrimps)
Tamago nigiri (egg sushi)
Unagi nigiri (eel sushi)
Maguro nigiri (sushi tuna)
Uni Gunkan Maki (Roll with Sea Urchins)
California roll
And much more!


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