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Do you want to add even more weapons to the world of Minecraft PE? We suggest you download the Fortnite mod, which will add weapons and items from the popular game of the same name. Now in MCPE there are such guns as Scar, a pistol and a sniper rifle, you can choose to your taste. In addition, the header screen has been changed, but in order to activate it, you need to include the resource package in Global Resources in the game settings. In general, if you are a fan of the game Fortnite, this add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition definitely will please you!

How mod works?

Here are some examples of elements of the world of Minecraft PE, which have been replaced with items from the popular Fortnite game. The bow was replaced with a Scar rifle, and the arrows with bullets.
Mod Fortnite 1.4.0
The snowballs were replaced by explosive grenades!


First aid kit (replacement of golden apple)
Ammunition (replacement of arrows)
Rifle Scar (replacing the bow)
Pistol (replaces the fishing rod)
Pistol-shotgun (replacement of pearls of the Edge)
V-Bucks (replacement of emerald)


Pistol (fishing rod)
Sniper rifle (pearls of the Edge)
V-Bucks (emerald, block and ore)
Fixed throw distance
Changed glitter of charm
Remote Surge

How to Download the Fortnite Mod


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