Giraffes Addon

Have you ever seen giraffes? World Minecraft decided to please you with such a new inhabitant! A new amazing mod Giraffes adds to the game realistic giraffes, which you can breed in your zoo in the world Minecraft Bedrok!

How it works?
I think everyone remembers that giraffes are very beautiful animals with a long neck. In addition, these are peaceful beings, they will not attack others. You can find them in the savannas of the world of Minecraft Bedrock, and breed with the help of wheat.
Giraffes Addon Screenshots:

Spawn naturally in the savannahs
Unique sounds and animations
There is an adult and a young
Health: 15 – 25 hearts (depending on the size of the animal)
Cubs always follow parents
Can be diluted with wheat
Drop: 1-5 leather

Now you can ride a giraffe without a saddle, even controlling its movement! The giraffe also has inventory


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