Gun Mod for minecraft PE

Tired of fighting with ancient weapons? Indeed, fighting in 2020 and using a bow and arrow is not at all the same. The developers of the game should have long thought about adding modern weapons that would be used not only by users, but also by mobs. True, the armless creeper will remain helpless. With the Guns mod, players will receive new types of weapons, and firearms. Over 340 items will be added to the game. Weapons include pistols, shotguns and even rifles. The new weapons will not replace any items in the game.

Feature List:
Custom weapons
The sound of the add-on is realistic and depends on the distance from the noise source
Villagers flee if you use a weapon or hit them near them
Non-standard sights and targets
Announcers of the number of user kills
Lots of skins available
Available pistol that deals damage on reload
A weapon capable of sending a target flying
Weapon that removes players from the game
2D and 3D versions
Items can be obtained in survival mode
Lots of other features

Weapon levels:
Modern weapons in addition to the game
List of weapons:

Various types of modern and very powerful weapons in a huge range of colors
In addition to the weapons themselves, the assembly includes many skins shared by users from the entire community. They can be obtained in the same way as any weapon, but they will not give anything other than appearance. Weapons marked EDITION have been reinforced.

How do I activate speakers?

Add the / tag @s add target command. To remove this tag, write / tag @s remove target. After switching on, the speaker will begin to comment on what is happening. For example, after the first kill of a user, the announcer will say, “First kill.” Subsequent killings will also be commented on by him. All phrases are taken from Counter-Strike Online.

Even if the announcer is not installed, the player will still receive sound prompts when dealing damage with a weapon (does not work with poison or Molotov cocktails).

Reloading weapons

Grenade check

Canceling the planting of the bomb

Crafting gold items


Crafting the Black Dragon Cannon in the Workbench

How to get weapons?

The weapon is available using the commands – gun: name, grenade: name, weapon: name, azoz: name, gun: (name) ammo. The / function help command will explain all the functions.

/ function getar or getarammo
Obtaining a huge arsenal of modern military weapons
Cartridges for each weapon from the arsenal of modern weapons

/ function getetc
Unusual weapons, including shurikens, grenade launchers, chainsaws, and a first aid kit

/ function getgrenade
A wide variety of types of grenades, including smoke, fragmentation, and previously unseen

/ function getmelee
A large number of melee weapons

/ function getshotgun (or getshotgunammo)
Serious close range weapons – shotguns
Shotgun cartridges

/ function getpistol or getpistolammo
Various types of pistols, revolvers, submachine guns
Cartridges for pistols, revolvers, submachine guns

/ function getsniper or getsniperammo
Long Range Weapons – Sniper Rifles
Sniper rifle cartridges

/ function getsmg or getsmgammo
Modern varieties of submachine guns and machine guns
Cartridges for machine guns and submachine guns

/ function getheavy or getheavyammo
Heavy weaponry
Getting ammo

Ghost pet:

It can be found all over the world, but very rarely. Tameable with a travel box. Behaves like a wolf. You can change the color. Initially the mob will be red.

Doesn’t spawn naturally. Any mob and even a player who passes through the laser will take damage.
Hell Hound
An extremely dangerous thing that can cause real chaos. Doesn’t spawn.

Doesn’t spawn naturally. Withstands a couple of explosions, after which it dies, leaving only one dust.

Subversive mine
Allows you to jump higher.

Box of grenades
If you hit, you can get six random types of grenades.

Chinese ghost
The mob has received various names. Health – 100 units and a lot of damage. Can be found in deserts and forests. Drops a travel box on death. The red version is twice as strong.

Do not step on it.

Supply box
You can refill all types of shells to the maximum.

Camping box
Useful for taming mobs or trading with villagers.

Stock box
Spawns naturally. Helps make up for the lack of equipment.

Gas bottle
You shouldn’t shoot there, otherwise everything will be like in the movies.

Can be bought from villagers. Just add a little bit of rotation.

Before Play turn ON Experemental Mode and “Additional Modding” and “Holiday Creator features” im World settings.

Changes in the new version:
New creatures and things
New items
Many bug fixes and weapon functions

download mod

download textures

download addon

  1. it don’t work in1.14.50

  2. my arms disappeared i looked like a creeper

  3. Where is the download Button?

  4. What do I download lol all of it?


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