HAWKS! Addon

Your days of peaceful daytime sky in Minecraft are over! Addon HAWKS! will add dangerous hawks to the game! These daytime flying monsters will sow fear and horror in Minecraft Bedrock!

Everyone knows that Minecraft Bedrock can be boring and too easy during the day, which is why we offer to download this supplement to you. Hawks are new hostile mobs that spawn mainly in the hills, but from time to time you can find them in the plains. They definitely hate players, but they also dislike brigands. However, you have a salvation. The hawks are afraid of llamas, or rather they just don’t like them. So you can safely travel on the llamas during the daytime.

HAWKS! Addon Screenshots:

There are several varieties of these birds. Lighter ones are easier to handle, and they are more common. The darker are really nasty. Crows were also added, most commonly found in swamp biomes. Crows, unfortunately, do not care about llamas, but they are afraid of villagers.

Added new types of hawks
Ravens added


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