Hello Neighbor In Minecraft Map

Decided before Halloween to go on a horrific adventure around the world of Minecraft? We are pleased to present you the Hello Neighbor In Minecraft map, on the territory of which you will find a fascinating popular computer horror game. Your main goal is to penetrate the house of your neighbor and solve all the secrets. This is an amazing map that will delight you with the horrors, adventures and puzzles of the Minecraft Bedrock world! Have a good gameplay!
Story line:
Something very strange happened in Minecraft Bedrock. And probably your neighbor did it! You heard shouts from a neighbor’s house and immediately went there to look for explanations! Find all the necessary items in your neighbor’s house to solve all the puzzles and unlock the basement.
Map Hello Neighbor In Minecraft Screenshots:

Added new car models
Added new furniture
Bugs fixed
Fixed old textures
Added more traps
Added new items


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