Honda NSX Addon

There are no cars in the original Minecraft. Players have to settle for horses and elytra. This will be the case until players install the Honda NSX mod.

This addon adds a Honda NSX racing car to the game. She’s incredibly fast. The appearance of the car is mesmerizing. The author managed to transfer all the details, right down to the rear lights.

The author also paid attention to animation with voice acting. The car looks realistic in motion. The sounds are also fully suited to the operation of the motor. The car has storage and two seats.

There are five design options:
White variant

Gray option

Black option

Red option

Racing variant

They can be obtained using summon eggs or commands:
/ summon nsx: white
/ summon nsx: silver
/ summon nsx: black
/ summon nsx: red
/ summon nsx: spoon

download addon

download textures

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