Infinity Artifacts Addon

Well, fans of the Avengers, especially for you, we have a new amazing addition in the world of Minecraft! Addon Infinity Artifacts adds 6 new items to the game, namely 6 infinity artifacts! Each such item has certain abilities in Minecraft Bedrock. You can easily use these artifacts, sneaking or interacting with them.

You can find it in the chests in the cities of the End world Minecraft Bedrock
With it, you can create a portal to the End dimension (“enderbase”) or to the Nether World (“netherbase”)
Addon Infinity Artifacts Screenshots:

Loki’s Scepter:
Every tenth piglet drops this weapon instead of a golden sword
You can stop the mobs for 30 seconds

Find a village with merchants and exchange from 48 – 64 emerald for this artifact
Steal near the mob to turn it into a cobblestone block, and get 2 effects (fire resistance and jump boost)

The Morag Orb :
You can find it in special chests.
Drop the item renamed “crystalbase” and then sneak in with it and you can get the Ender crystals

Eye of Agamotto:
Kill the Evocation illager during a raid to get this artifact
You can manage time! Can you rejuvenate one mob or another, speed up the growth of sheep’s hair or reverse golems and much more!

Soul Stone:
You will have to sacrifice a tamed wolf, cat or parrot to get this stone.


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