Infinity Gauntlet Addon

Marvel is the greatest creator universe of superheroes. And I know that among the players there are a bunch of fans of this universe. So, what if we offer you to seize the greatest artifact of this universe – the Infinity Gauntlet? For this you just need to download this mod!

All infinity artifacts (Gauntlet, stones) will now be added to the game. Get hold of them and become the greatest creature in Minecraft PE!

As we have already said, the game itself will appear glove and stones of mind, soul, time, reality, power and space! By collecting all these stones from the guardians you can put together the most powerful artifact! Below we will tell you how to do it.

Addon features:
To get a Gauntlet in Minecraft Bedrok, you need to craft it. The crafting recipe can be seen in the screenshot below.
Suppose the Gauntlet is now in your hands. What to do next? That’s right, collect all the stones!
Stone of Time: in order to get a stone, you need to bargain for it from a villager. For this you need at least 30 emeralds!

Stone of Power: who is the embodiment of power and rage? That’s right, the destroyer! And to get this stone, you need to kill it!

Space Stone: you can find it from a wandering merchant. That’s right, to get it, you have to bargain with him from the seller. For this you need 5 diamonds.

Stone of Reality: you can buy it from stone making. Get – by trading. Issue price – 30 emeralds or Redstone.

Stone of Mind: located at the Elder Guardian. To get it, you need to defeat this creature.

Soul Stone: as you know, getting this artifact is the hardest. In order for it to be with you, you need to donate to those whom you most love in Minecraft. The creators decided that your best friend is a wolf. You need to make friends with the wolf (to tame him), and push the wolf from a height. After death you will receive this stone. Are you ready to pay such a price for your power?


Suppose you have collected all the necessary artifacts. But what to do next? Now we will show you! Important: be sure to fill the glove in the specified order!

  1. First you need to pick up an empty Glove and Stone of Time. Next, connect them as shown below.
  2. Now you need to install the Stone of Power. Consider who the Stone of Time is already in the Glove.
  3. Next we place the artifact of Space.
  4. Now we must establish the Stone of Reality.
  5. Stone of Mind.
  6. And the last thing we have to do is install the Soul Stone.

That’s all! The greatest artifact is put together! Now you have a lot of strength. You can compare you with a real deity! Regeneration, strength, speed, accelerated healing, enhanced leap and the ability to see in the dark – all of your skills are now at the limit!

Important: Be sure to activate the experimental game mode!

How to Install:

Installing a file with the extension .mcaddon:
Download the mod with the texture from our website a little below.
Run the downloaded addon and texture pack in one file in .mcaddon format.
By pre-action, you imported the files into Minecraft.
Start the game and open the world settings.
Select imported mod
Restart the game client Minecraft PE, and then enter the world for which you installed the mod.
Enjoy the installed addon!


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