Insane Worlds Addon

Insane Worlds is a Minecraft PE addon that will add a few more resources to the game than there are at the moment.
How much more? You get a lot of the coolest and most interesting blocks that you can find and craft. By the way, it is also worth noting some other point.
You will receive, and something else, namely, a large amount of food, which can also be easily crafted or cooked. An excellent opportunity for all players to significantly diversify the gameplay, which has already become boring. We wish you a good game!

Features of the mod:
More than 15 new types of food
New precious blocks /


How to install:
Download the mod – “.mcaddon”
Then open the downloaded file, it is automatically imported into the game.
Open Minecraft PE.
Install sets of resources and additions.
Select imported resources in sections.
It is best to restart the game.
We go into the game and enjoy the installed mod!


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