Item Magnet Addon

Would you like to get a special magnet of the world of Minecraft, with which you can easily attract objects to yourself? The Item Magnet addon brings your desire to the game! Now in Minecraft Bedrok you will be able to reclaim items dropped from mobs, broken chests and so on!

Magnet Crafting Recipe:
For a magnet, you will need: 1 iron ingot, 1 redstone dust and 1 gold ingot. This is a shapeless processing, you can place it in any order or anywhere on the 3 × 3 or 2 × 2 crafting grid.
Item Magnet Addon Screenshots:

Magnet use:
Just hold the magnet in your hand, and it will automatically pull the objects nearby. At the same time can be a maximum of 4 items of the world of Minecraft Bedrock.

Improved magnet particles


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