Jason vs Freddy Addon

“Freddie vs. Jason” is an American horror movie of 2003, where the main characters fight against each other. Now, thanks to the stunning new fashion Jason VS Freddy, you can meet these killers in the world of Minecraft! As in the film, when these two heroes meet each other, they will begin a battle that ends in the death of one of them. Since they are still killers, they will attack other creatures of the Minecraft Bedrock world. So, whoever lacked the horrors in the game, this addon will come to your aid!


Jason Voorhees:
Health: 700 hearts
Attack Damage: 7 Units
Custom sounds
Call team: / summon nightmare: jason_vorhees
Does not replace any entity
Drop: machete and golovf
Spawn at night
Attacks Freddie, players and villagers
Jason vs Freddy 1.11 mod

Freddy Krueger:
Health: 700 hearts
Attack Damage: 5 units
Custom sounds
Summon team: / summon nightmare: freddy_krueger
Does not replace any entity
Can teleport
Drop: gloves and head
Spawn at night
Attacks Jason, players and villagers


The battle of Jason and Freddie may take a few minutes and may be the bloodiest in the history of the world of Minecraft Bedrock!


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