Jurassic Minecraft (Isla Nublar) Map

Well, lovers of the Jurassic Park, hurry to please you with an excellent map for Minecraft, dedicated to the new part of this movie! You have to explore the main street, the Jurassic circus, the kingdom of T-Rex, Petting zoo, spadosaurus paddock and much more! This is an excellent and exciting territory in the Minecraft PE world to explore! In addition, this map will be constantly updated and forty exhibits are waiting for you in the latest issue. In general, fans of this film, we suggest you explore the new territory in Minecraft Bedrock, which just will not leave you indifferent!


Mozasaurus Gate
Control parks
Improved security
Staff housing
Personal monorail road
Road network extension
Integration of control units for Jurassic screensavers, reference services and monorail terminals


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