Lord of the Rings Mod

Surely there is no person who is not familiar with the fantastic story “Lord Of The Rings”. A world full of wonders and spells can get a little closer if you install the Lord of the Rings addon to Minecraft PE 0.12.1 / 0.10.5. Previously, this mod was created for the desktop version of the application and now it has become available for owners of pocket Main. The modification for version 0.10.5 adds the absolute ring. It has the characteristics inherent in the ringlet in the original story. Wearing a ring you become invisible to normal units. The world will immediately change and in the new gloomy space you will be noticed only by hostile mobs that will glow red. These mobs are clearly evil-minded towards you and will actively pursue your character even when you remove the ring. Therefore, before you do this, you should stock up on reliable armor and weapons to be able to repel enemy attacks.

The mod version for Minecraft 0.12.1 has much more extensive application. By installing the add-on, you will find yourself in a fairy-tale world filled with characters from a famous story. In total, there will be as many as 15 new types of units, as well as a huge number of new resources.

Among the total number of mobs will be differently configured characters in relation to you. Some of them will be friendly, others neutral, and some will be hostile. The first two types of units are encountered during the daytime, such characters are Ents, Hobbits and Elves. Each specific unit is located in a logical place. You will meet elves in the forest as well as ents, and hobbits will run along flat areas.

Significantly more hostile characters will add the Lord of the Rings mod for Minecraft PE 0.12.1 / 0.10.5. They will attack you at the first opportunity and it is worthwhile to be afraid of them. The whole world will change dramatically with this wonderful mod and we recommend it for installation. For its work, you will need a Blocklauncher, as well as a downloaded archive with a mod that you connect using this program.


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