Lucky Blocks Addon

If you want to complicate survival a bit in MCBE, then with the Lucky Blocks mod add interest to the game as well. Do you think you’re lucky to get a diamond block or will only mud fall? Let’s check your luck in Minecraft on Android, you just need to download the mod and be patient. In total, 5 new lucky blocks with unique textures will appear in Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

Lucky Mobs – generates mobs;
Lucky Structures – to get structures;
Lucky Drops – random loot drops;
There is also a bad lucky block and the good that they give – let it remain a mystery to you!
Lucky Blocks mod for Minecraft PE

For the mod to work correctly in MCPE, activate the experimental gameplay. How to craft blocks, see the screenshot. Good luck



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  1. Lucky blocks pleaseeeeee

  2. I could not craft the blocks

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