Lucky Blocks Race Map

Lucky Blocks Race is a competitive multiplayer racing mini-game for Minecraft! On the territory of this map you are also waiting for a lot of lucky blocks of the Minecraft Bedrock world. The goal of the game is to ensure that players run around the track and destroy successful blocks. Lucky blocks are basically blocks that, when destroyed, will lead to some random event. If you are lucky, you will receive several valuable items, but in most cases something terrible happens. In general, if you like racing and want to try your luck in Minecraft Bedrock, this territory is already waiting for you!

How to play?
This mini-game for Minecraft is suitable for 2-4 players. Line up on a small (3 × 3 block) platform, and then start the countdown from 10.
Map Lucky Blocks Race Screenshots:

Players will destroy the successful blocks that block their path. Every time a good block fails, a random event occurs. This can include everything from spripper creeper to heap anvil falling from the air. You, definitely, will be able to test your luck!

You are not allowed to go outside your own track. Use the blocks in your inventory to restore your path if it is necessary to continue the further race.

You can reset the game after the end of the round.

Some decorations have been changed
Added pvp sand
Several items abandoned by happy blocks have been changed.
Bugs fixed


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  1. Love this map, it’s so fun to play! But now with the update 1.13.0 it doesn’t work. When we open the world, our Minecraft just crashes every time. So please make an update as soon as you are able to. Thank you!

  2. how do you download it??

  3. col game like3i t hesait cool gameeeeeee heeehehheheheheeheh i like it

  4. this is pretty good

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  6. oh man

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