Magical Crops Addon(Mod)

Have you ever wanted to see more magical types of crops in Minecraft? Mod Magical Crops adds to the world of Minecraft Bedrok vegetables that are a bit like golden apples in their effects! This addition will be especially useful for your adventures, as you can get great effects. Now in Minecraft Bedrock you can find several types of carrot, potato and beetroot crops. Each such vegetable can give you a certain effect! NOTE: make sure you play in beta version 1.12 or higher!

Magical Crops Addon(Mod) Screenshots:

/function carrots (GIVES ALL CARROTS)
/funtion potatoes (GIVES ALL POTATOES)
/function beetroots (GIVES ALL BEETROOTS)


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  1. this mod does not work on my windows 10, i have mc version 1.12.0 however it still does not work

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