Maze PvP Team Battle Map

We are glad to present you an excellent map for Minecraft, which is perfect for you and your friends! You have to split into two teams, then enter the maze, try to choose the right ways to find different weapons, arrows and potions, and then use these items to weaken the enemy team. For a successful game in this territory in the world of Minecraft Bedrock, you will need to capture at least one of your friends, but in order to diversify your gameplay, we recommend calling a few more people. Everything works at the expense of redstone and command blocks, which means smooth and pleasant gameplay in Minecraft Bedrock is provided!

How to play?
Divide into teams (red vs blue) and then enter the maze. If during the game you realize that you have chosen the wrong team, you can change your decision (you do not need to discard the map).
Maze PvP Team Battle Screenshots:

Added shield
Removed creepers
Bugs fixed


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