Mermaid Craft Addon

If you decide to download the Mermaid Craft mod, you can become a mermaid in Minecraft for Android! You will have a wonderful fish tail and a beautiful crown, and you will also be able to breathe underwater and see better in the dark.

To become a child of the ocean in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you just need to put on a crown. There are several options in fashion, so you can choose which one you like best. You can also craft tails.

As soon as you put the crown in Minecraft on your tablet, you will immediately get new abilities. To make them manifest, just dive into the water! You will immediately grow a tail in MCBE, the ability to breathe underwater and improved night vision will appear.

The author carefully selected animations and textures to make the finished model look correct. With the Mermaid Craft mod, you can feel like a real mermaid in Minecraft on your phone, just don’t forget to turn on the experimental mode. Have a nice game!



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