Minecraft Block Morphs Addon

Would you like to become a master of disguise in the world of Minecraft? Then you definitely need a new entertainment mod Minecraft Block Morphs, which will allow you to turn into one of the blocks of the world Minecraft Bedrok! Now you can easily play your friends with such excellent camouflage!

How it works?
This addon will allow players in the world of Minecraft Bedrock to transform into game blocks. To date, this mod contains 100 blocks. You do not need to change the slider in the resource pack, just find the necessary block in the creative inventory or call it using commands.


Before Using:

Use “/give @p repeating_command_block”.
Input “function morph” and set to always active.
Spawn or Summon your desired block and walk onto it.
How to Remove:

Simply use “/function remove”


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