Mineral Foods Addon

Would you like to add new enchanted products to Minecraft, giving you one or another effect? Mod Mineral Foods will realize your desire in the game! Now you can find new products made from ore in Minecraft Bedrock.
How it works?
New varieties of apples! Made from various ores of the world of Minecraft Bedrock. The recipe for crafting new types of apples is similar to golden apples (one apple is placed in the center, and 8 ores are placed around).
Apples from coal ore (health recovery)
Apples from iron ore (health recovery, speed, jump boost)
Emerald ore apples (health recovery, speed, invisibility, fire resistance)
Apples from diamond ore (restoration of health speed, fire resistance, invisibility, strength)
Elementary apple (breathing under water, fire resistance, speed) (it can be obtained only by purchasing from a merchant)
Mineral Foods Addon Screensots:

Autor:Gabriel Castro

New varieties of sweet berries!
Coal Ore Berries
Golden ore berries
Emerald ore berries
Diamond Ore Berries


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