Mini-Plex Games Map

The author added several different mini-games – from parkour to zombie apocalypse, if only you had something to do in Minecraft on Android. Have fun with the Mini-Plex Games map, each time choosing a new location in Minecraft PE!

There are no mods or third-party textures here, so the game won’t lag. Besides parkour, target shooting, block shuffling, zombies and other games, there is a secret level here. You need at least 4 players to run it, so invite your friends to Minecraft PE!

Separately, it is worth noting the second level – a deadly ascent to Minecraft on a tablet. Not everyone can reach the top! on a level with blocks, you need to be the first to fill your chest in MCPE with a dozen of the same blocks, and it doesn’t matter what it will be – dirt or gold. If you want to download the map, click on the link below. Have a nice game!



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