Minnesota’s Spleef Arenas Map

Would you like to play Space Spleef in Minecraft? Minnesota’s Spleef Arenas map will definitely please you and your friends! This area of ​​the World Minecraft Bedrock includes 3 different arenas, which are randomly selected at the beginning of the game. Do not forget to call your friends, for a successful game it will take 2-4 people. Best of luck with Minecraft Bedrock!

4 rooms
Information room: loans
Air lock: access to the shuttle that you can explore
Conveyor: save point
Drop Subs: Player Ready Area

Minnesota’s Spleef Arenas Map Screenshots:

1: Classic square arena
2: round arena
3: square arena with 4 walls dividing the central zone

Fixed a bug due to which the arena could not correctly name the winner
Added a button that can switch the game mode to adventure
Fixed third arena
Secret room added


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