More Golems Addon

Would you like to add some new golems to your world of Minecraft? Addon More Golems fulfill your desire! Now in the game you will be able to meet a huge number of new types of golems that will make you a company to fight the monsters of the world Minecraft Bedrok. To spawn these creatures, you first need to activate experimental gameplay.

Wooden golems: this species includes several subtypes (oak, spruce, birch golems, as well as jungle and acacia golems). They behave like ordinary iron golems. You can find them, naturally, in the woods.

More Golems Addon feature:

Ice golems: this type does not like water, because in it they begin to melt. Spawn in the snow biomes of the world of Minecraft PE.

Magma golems: attack in the water, not afraid of fire. After death, they drop blocks of magma. Spawn in the Lower World.


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    Jacqueline Lee Sperling April 9, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    your mod is awsome

  2. I cant get the golems to show up, like they spawn but they are invisible.

  3. Hey I got a thing installed like its name is null is now supported. What I do.

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