More Golems v2 Addon

In the More Golems addon, you will meet with several new golems in Minecraft on Android. More Golems has provided dozens of these creatures to Minecraft Bedrock. Some of them just have a large health reserve in Minecraft on the phone.

And you just won’t take others. For example, a fire golem takes damage exclusively from water, and an ice golem from fire. In this variety of mobs, you will have to navigate the MCPE. By the way, all golems are aggressive towards the player.

Mega Golem:

500 health

10x larger than the lava golem


Strong as the corrupted golem

Fire Golem:

140 health

Gets hurt when getting wet

Has a 6% of chance spawning in deep depths of lava

Brick Golem:

125 health

Has a 4% of change spawning in temples

0.3x stronger than a basic golem

Metal Golem:

195 health

Strong as diamond golem

Only spawn in very far away lands 1% spawn rate

Lava Golem:

550 health

Strong as the corrupted golem

Get hurt when getting wet

Also has a change of 1% spawning in the nether

Emerald Golem:

150 health

1x stronger than a basic golem

Has a change of 0.00.1% spawning in villages

Ice golem:

135 health

0.6x stronger than a basic golem

Kills fire and lava golem

Only has a 0.001% change of this golem spawning in ice biomes

Golden Golem:

50 healths

Less weaker than a regular golem

Drops 4 Gold ingots

Diamond Golem:

Health: 200

2x Strength and lives

Drops 4 diamonds

Stronger than a regular iron golem

You must kill the mega golem to obtain the mega crystal!

Corrupted golem:

Can teleport to it’s target

Very overpowered and almost undeafeatable!

Can kill you in one hit

Has over hundreds of health

New Golems: Killer golem, guard golem (Tamable), zombified golem, anubis golem, evil master golem, and obsidian golem!



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