Get ready for a zombie apocalypse? In the world of Minecraft still not enough zombies for this. Do not worry, the More Zombies mod will fix this and add 5 new types of zombies to Minecraft Bedrock! Of the five species, two are neutral, that is, they will only attack for protection, this is a zombie boy and a zombie girl.

The rest will always attack Minecraft Bedrock players:

Zombie Archer:
Uses a bow to attack players from a distance.

Zombie Teleport:
Attacks poison and is able to teleport

Zombie Evocateurs:
Imposes blindness and can summon little zombies.

Addon More Zombies screenshots:

Added invisible zombies

Zombie boss can now be invisible
Zombie teleport can dodge arrows


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  1. great

  2. Can you make this mod for 1.14.x looks really cool, but i cant play it

  3. minecraft java edischen

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