MoSwords Craft Addon

In the MoSwords Craft addon, you have almost a quarter of a hundred recipes for Minecraft BE. These include swords, ingots, and battle braids. Well, another gem and crystals – they will be required to create weapons in Minecraft for Android. All objects do not replace anything, they have their own textures and models.

And besides, MoSwords Craft addon items are well balanced in MCBE. It is unlikely that you will find an imbalanced weapon with which you can cut all the monsters throughout your survival in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The mod works in Minecraft Bedrock Edition on version 1.14 and only on it.



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  1. I like this addon

  2. this also works on 1.16 beta bodrock edition do i noticed it said only 1.14 so yea

  3. How do we download this?

  4. do these naturally spawn around the world

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