Mystchif’s Flatlands Map

Although Minecraft Bedrock has the function of creating a flat world, the player has no way to control it. And sometimes you need to create a world from other types of blocks than grass. The author of the mystchif’s Flatlands map set did everything for you!

This assembly includes various worlds, of which the player will find what you like best:

Flatland: Consists of grass, mud, stone and thigh.

Desert: composed of sand, sandstone and hip.

Nether World: Consists of Hell Stone, Hell Bricks and Thigh.

Sandstone: consists of sandstone, sand, and thigh.

Empty: no blocks, only air.

End: edge stone, ender brick, hip.

Diamond: diamond block, hip.

Deep: grass, stone, hip.

Extended Flatland: Diamond, Gold, Emerald, Iron, Thigh, and Other:

download Sandstone Flat

download Honey Flat

download Ocean Flat

download Snow Void

download Red Desert Flat

download Pro Flat

download Deep World

download Diamond Flat

download End Flat

download Snow Void

download Desert Flat

download Nether Flat

download 1 Sand Flat

download Extended Flatland

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