Over Powered Swords Addon

Every player in MCPE dreams of having a super weapon that will help kill all enemies in a second. But, unfortunately, even a diamond sword with a strong enchantment is not capable of this. Therefore, the author of the Over Powered Swords addon decided to tackle this issue.

After installing this add-on, six powerful swords will appear in Minecraft. Each of them has its own model.

Addon Features:
There are five types of swords:
– Sword of Darkness and Sword of Radiance: Deal 45 damage and apply positive buffs.
Blood Sword: Deals 90+ points of damage and gives a speed buff + half power.
– End Sword: Deals 100+ damage and restores health.
-Blade of grass: deals 15 damage, but shoots with small green daggers. It is possible to obtain only from a wandering merchant for 60 emeralds.
-Dungeon Sword: Deals 14 damage. spawn only in chests underground.



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