PewDiePie’s World Map

The PewDiePie’s World map will stagger you with your Minecraft Bedrock Edition. How do you like a giant globe? This map is rich in the game for such things. By the way, there is its own texture pack. So we do not recommend putting anything on top of Minecraft PE.


The PewDiePie’s World map will delight you with fun MCPE quests. For example, in one of them you will have to protect the baby turtles from the drowned. And so on. You have a nice mansion in your possession. It is very comfortable to live in it, especially if you are a lazy person and do not want to build anything in the MCPE.


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  1. I’m new I don’t know how to download lol

  2. But it looks good

  3. keep inventory is not there why?

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