Plushies! Addon

Are you still a little plush in the world of Minecraft? Then you definitely will not pass by this add-on! This mod will add to the game more than 80 new plush, which can be used as decorations for your worlds in the Minecraft Bedrock. These are like toys that are designed for decoration. And now in the game you will be able to find plush neutral and hostile mobs, as well as many creators and players of content for the game.

How it works?
Plush is the added Minecraft Bedrock essences of the world, which are mainly designed for decoration. There is a huge variety of these plush, so you will definitely find something to your taste!
Addon Plushies! 1.9.0 screenshots:

Added a lot of new plush


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  1. Omg, I love these plushies, they’re so cute and they make great decor!

  2. How can I download this?

  3. Above the ratings it says Download.

  4. do you craft it or do you find it in ur inventory or is it a mob drop?

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