SCP The Breach Map

Welcome to the exciting new adventure in the world of Minecraft! On the territory of the SCP: The Breach map, a secret laboratory awaits you, which until some time was at rest until a sudden blackout caused serious interruptions. After that, chaos and horror reigned in the laboratory. That is why class D wants to leave the object, while the SCP will eagerly destroy all living things and blow up nuclear weapons in the world of Minecraft Bedrock!

SCP Map: The Breach Screenshots:

You can play two roles in one round, class D and SCP:
Class D: guinea pigs that survived the massive destruction of the laboratory. Their goal is to leave this Minecraft Bedrock World Object.
SCP: anomalies that violate the laws of the universe. The goal is to kill all the survivors.

LCZ: “light” zone. There are many rooms to explore, as well as a room with functional SCP-914. Be careful!
HCZ: unknown
Entrance zone: unknown

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