Siren Head Map

Map Siren Head – the embodiment of the best traditions of the horror genre. Minecraft has plenty of adrenaline rush and flash on your phone, so get ready! The plot tells of strange events that take place in an impassable forest. People disappear there without a trace, and someone has to figure out what’s going on in Minecraft for Android … You have to make a hero in the game, so gather all your courage in a fist, and go!

The map is somewhat reminiscent of the gameplay in the Slender game. Your task is to find 6 leaflets with codes in the forest. The monster will chase and try to stop you in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Caution, the Siren Head is very fast and well camouflaged! The author used special textures to create this mob, if you have the courage, you will have time to evaluate them. Be prepared for screamers in Minecraft on your tablet, otherwise you can be very scared!



  1. Siren head

  2. Siren head

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