Small Luxurius House Map

A small but luxurious house is waiting for you on the territory of the new unique map – Small Luxurius House in Minecraft!

Here you will find a swimming pool, a functional speaker system, including 24 songs, and even an excellent security system! This house is also perfect for fun games with friends, as it includes teleportation to the more adventurous structures of the world of Minecraft Bedrock! In addition, there is a self-destruct button, so that you can blow up a house in which case. This creation was created specifically for your exciting adventures with your friends around the world Minecraft Bedrok. So feel free to go to the temple of the desert, defeat the Ender Dragon, and then celebrate it with good music!


How to install songs?

1 Install a song pack from the list

2 Activate it in the world

Install a song from my custom sounds:
1 Download the CustomTrackMaker file

2 De-compress it with any file explorer

3 Get on “sounds” and then “tracks”

4 Put all your songs right there. NOTE: Your tracks cannot be .mp3, they have to be .ogg.

5 Re-name your songs with the name “track” and then an number (from 1 to 24) Ex: track1

6 Go back to the Sounds, Manifiest and pack_icon are, and then compress those 3 files

7 Rename the extension from your zip file to “mcpack” (example: My songs.mcpack)

8 Install it on minecraft and then on the smart house world

download map

download soundtrack

download CustomTrackMaker

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