SnowMobile Mod

Would you like to ride a snowmobile around the world of Minecraft? Mod SnowMobile for Minecraft PE 1.8.0 will give you this opportunity!

Now the game will have a new snowmobile, which will not replace a single mob of the world Minecraft Bedrok. You can find this transport in the inventory of creative mode and using a spawn egg. He is able to move around any part of the world Minecraft Bedrock, but is best suited for snow biomes.

How it works?
First, you need to sleep a snowmobile using an egg from the inventory of the creative mode. Such a vehicle holds a maximum of 2 players.
iOS / Android: use a long press on the car, and then activate the button
Windows 10: use the right mouse click on the car

You may notice some funny details, for example, a speedometer that controls your speed. Have a nice trip!


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