StickSword Addon

The StickSword mod adds a decent sword to Minecraft BE. However, for some players, this craft in the game is problematic. Still would! It’s even difficult to calculate how many blocks are in the wood. And do not forget – of course, the same! So, the sword craft, which adds the StickSword addon, begins in MCPE as follows.

StickSword Addon Screenshots:

How to use:

ss:s0 – double stick (stick x2);
ss:s1 – triple stick (stick x3);
ss:s2 – quad stick (stick x4);
ss:s3 – fivefold stick (stick x5);
ss:stick_sword – StickSword
Use: /give

Example: /give User ss:s3 64

Sticks are taken and combined on a workbench. It turns out double, triple and quintuple bundles of MCPE sticks. Then the maximum amount is combined and voila – the sword is ready. The sword from the mod has an interesting model, and the textures are like ordinary wooden ones. Ready to destroy the forests in Minecraft Bedrock Edition for a cool stick?


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  1. The.. the sticks.. are haunting me…

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