Survival Superflat Presets Map

Each player tried to challenge himself in Minecraft and understand what he is capable of. But ordinary survival has long ceased to be difficult. Even in hardcore mode. Therefore, we suggest trying the assembly of Survival Superflat Presets maps.

This assembly presents flat worlds. But they are different from those created in Minecraft. On each of them it will be difficult to survive because of the conditions:

The world of wood
He burns. With every minute it will disappear faster.
Map: Flat Worlds

Falling desert
Be careful, because if you break the block, the world will fall apart.

Lava world
It remains only to wish good luck.

Growing corus
The world consists of Corus.

Sandwich world
The upper part is trees, the second is grass, the third is water, the fourth is diamonds and lava.

Explosive run
The world consists of pressure plates and dynamite.

Wood madness
Consists of seedlings.

World of crops
Consists of crops.



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