Suspicious Potion Addon

Players began to forget that potions are useful in emergency situations. In addition, Mojang has not updated their list for a long time. But why waste time and vegetate in anticipation when there are cool addons that will add new enhancing drinks in the near future.

After installing the Suspicious Potion addon for Minecraft Bedrock, several new potions will appear. Each of them has a special effect, which depends on the flower that is used during crafting.

Addon Features:

If you use the Bow, then the potion will be protected from fire.

Azure Bluet will give the effect of blindness.

A gray orchid (dandelion) imposes a Saturation.

Cornflower will improve the jump.

Lily of the valley will give the effect of poisoning.

Oxeye Daisy will accelerate recovery of hp.

Poppy will allow you to see in the dark.

Tulip will plunge into weakness.

Wither Rose  imposes the effect of draining.


Please note that the addon only works on version And at the same time turn on the Experimental game mode!


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