[TEU] Twelve Eve Map

Twelve Eve – a short horror map in the world of Minecraft, in which you have to make a lot of jumps to get out of the trap. To be honest, you are waiting for a fairly simple story in Minecraft Bedrock, which will be revealed to you as you move along the map. Well, to create a truly terrible atmosphere, throughout the gameplay you will be accompanied by terrifying music. If you are looking for a fast and terrible adventure in the world of Minecraft Bedrock, then this is the right map for you!

Story line:
You had a hard day at work, and from fatigue you decided to get some sleep. As soon as you woke up, you noticed that you were locked in a room, and what’s more, the hunt began for you! Can you escape the hunters, or will they kill you and lock you there for eternity? Let’s find out!
Twelve Eve Map Screenshots:

Fixed some commands
Changed textures and sounds
Chase fix


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  1. what is the map with the pictures in it

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