The Cube Escape Map

Test your Minecraft survival skills by completing a series of 9 different tasks inside the cube space. On The Cube Escape map for Minecraft Bedrock you are trapped inside a cube and your goal is to break through all the obstacles to eventually find the treasure and escape. Parkours, mazes, reverse dropships and puzzles are just some of the challenges and challenges that await you on this Minecraft Bedrock map.
The Cube Escape Map Screenshots:

The Cube Escape Map The Cube Escape Map The Cube Escape Map
Many interesting tasks await you. For example, in one of their rooms you will need to demonstrate all your parkour skills in the Minecraft world.

And in the other room you will find a reverse dropper.

But never stop there. There are at least 9 different tasks on this map for the MCPE, each of which is unique.

Autor: MT714

The map is compatible with version 1.12
Fixed some inactive levels


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